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Detailed information about XPO Logistics Cargo Tracking. Fast XPO Delivery Tracking how-to solution.

XPO Logistics Cargo Tracking

XPO Logistics cargo tracking can be queried with the PRO number. The Tracking tab is linked directly from the site’s home page. (https://app.ltl.xpo.com/appjs/tracking/search) After entering the PRO number in the Tracking tab that opens, you can have detailed information about your cargo when the Track button is pressed. Maximum of 35 cargo can be tracked at the same time by separating the valid PRO number with commas or typing line by line.

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XPO Logistics Tracking Pro Number

On the XPO Logistics page, where many transactions can be made online, you can obtain many documents related to your shipments after completing your membership process. After logging in as a member, select Proof of Delivery from the Manage It section for the document that your shipment has arrived at the relevant location. Then enter the PRO number is and selected Delivery Receipt. You can view, download and print the Proof of Delivery document for your shipment. 

XPO Logistics Customer Service

XPO Tracking number is called PRO number. The PRO number is a 9-digit number used to identify invoices, affixed to shipments in the form of a scannable barcode label. XPO Logistics provides the users who are members of the site to make inquiries with many different options. Members of the site can track their cargo with many methods such as Pickup Request Confirmation Number, Customer Reference Number, Shipper’s Number…

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