SriLankan Airlines Cargo Tracking: A Comprehensive Guide

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SriLankan Airlines Cargo Tracking

SriLankan Airlines cargo tracking, the national carrier of Sri Lanka, offers an extensive range of cargo services to cater to the diverse needs of its customers. These services include:

  1. General cargo: For transporting everyday goods and merchandise
  2. Perishable cargo: For handling temperature-sensitive items such as fresh produce and pharmaceuticals
  3. Valuable cargo: For transporting high-value items like precious metals, jewelry, and artworks
  4. Dangerous goods: For shipping hazardous materials that require special handling and documentation
  5. Live animals: For the safe and humane transportation of pets and other living creatures

SriLankan Airlines Cargo Contact Number

SriLankan Airlines Cargo Contact Number+94 19733 1979
SriLankan Airlines Cargo Contact Number

Global Reach

With a vast network covering over 100 destinations in 50 countries, SriLankan Airlines ensures seamless cargo transportation across the globe. The airline partners with various ground handling agents, logistics providers, and other carriers to extend its reach and provide customers with efficient and reliable cargo services.

Understanding SriLankan Airlines Cargo Tracking

The Importance of Cargo Tracking

Cargo tracking is a crucial aspect of modern supply chain management. It enables businesses and individuals to monitor the movement of their shipments in real-time, providing visibility and control over the transportation process. SriLankan Airlines Cargo Tracking ensures that customers can:

  1. Stay informed about the status of their shipments
  2. Identify and address potential issues or delays
  3. Enhance security and minimize the risk of loss or theft

How SriLankan Airlines Cargo Tracking Works

SriLankan Airlines Cargo Tracking leverages advanced technology and robust infrastructure to provide real-time updates on cargo movements. The system utilizes unique Air Waybill (AWB) numbers assigned to each shipment, allowing customers to track their cargo from the point of origin to the destination.

Features and Benefits of SriLankan Airlines Cargo Tracking

Real-time Updates

One of the primary features of SriLankan Airlines Cargo Tracking is the provision of real-time updates on shipment status. Customers can access up-to-date information on the location and progress of their cargo, enabling them to make informed decisions and plan accordingly.

Improved Supply Chain Efficiency

By providing visibility into cargo movements, SriLankan Airlines Cargo Tracking allows businesses to optimize their supply chain operations. This results in reduced transit times, minimized delays, and lower logistics costs.

Enhanced Security and Loss Prevention

SriLankan Airlines Cargo Tracking ensures the security of shipments by allowing customers to monitor their cargo’s progress in real-time. This enables them to detect and address potential security risks, minimizing the likelihood of loss or theft.

Better Customer Service

With SriLankan Airlines Cargo Tracking, customers can access up-to-date information on their shipments, leading to improved satisfaction and trust in the company’s services. The ability to provide accurate delivery estimates and promptly address any issues enhances the overall customer experience.

How to Use SriLankan Airlines Cargo Tracking

Online Tracking Portal

SriLankan Airlines provides an easy-to-use online tracking portal for customers to monitor their cargo shipments. To access the portal, customers need to:

  1. Visit the SriLankan Airlines Cargo website
  2. Navigate to the “Track Your Cargo” section
  3. Enter the Air Waybill (AWB) number
  4. Click “Track” to view the real-time status of the shipment

Mobile App

SriLankan Airlines also offers a mobile app for convenient cargo tracking on the go. The app, available for both Android and iOS devices, provides users with real-time updates on their shipments and allows them to manage multiple AWB numbers.

Customer Support

For any issues or inquiries related to cargo tracking, customers can contact SriLankan Airlines dedicated cargo customer support team. The team is available through phone, email, or live chat to assist customers and ensure a smooth and efficient tracking experience.

In conclusion, SriLankan Airlines Cargo Tracking is an essential tool for businesses and individuals seeking to monitor their shipments and ensure timely and secure delivery. The system offers a range of features and benefits, including real-time updates, improved supply chain efficiency, enhanced security, and better customer service. By leveraging the online tracking portal, mobile app, or customer support services, customers can enjoy a seamless cargo tracking experience with SriLankan Airlines.


  1. Is there a cost associated with using SriLankan Airlines Cargo Tracking services?No, SriLankan Airlines Cargo Tracking services are available free of charge to all customers using the airline’s cargo services.
  2. Can I track multiple shipments at once using SriLankan Airlines Cargo Tracking?Yes, you can track multiple shipments simultaneously using the online tracking portal or mobile app. Simply enter each Air Waybill (AWB) number separately to view the real-time status of each shipment.
  3. What should I do if I encounter issues or discrepancies with my SriLankan Airlines cargo shipment?If you experience any issues or notice discrepancies with your shipment, contact the SriLankan Airlines cargo customer support team immediately. They will assist you in resolving the issue and ensuring the safe and timely delivery of your cargo.
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