Shopee Express Tracking

Shopee Express is commonly known as SPX Tracking. You can provide your shipments sent with Shopee Express through web sites that are very easy to use, and you can perform them through applications.

Shopee Express Tracking

You can instantly learn the status of your package with the tracking number you entered in the box on an orange screen on the websites. When you click the Track button on the right after entering the tracking number, you can easily access information such as where your package is and when the transaction was made.

You can view Drop-off points on the map with the Shipper Drop-Off Point tab at the top right of the site. The website content of Shopee Express does not change from country to country, and only the extension of the website differs. ( You can access your country’s website with a little google search.

Shopee Express Customer Service

Shopee Express, which also has a help page, adds many example cases and tells users what to do in which situations. Although it is not open to international use, the site that continues with help.shopee .. varies from country to country. In the Contact Us section at the bottom of the site, there are e-mail information and phone numbers that you will contact to solve your problems. It is also stated during which hours you can contact these phone numbers.

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