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Lufthansa Cargo has developed its services, which started in 1926, until today. You can easily perform your Lufthansa Cargo tracking transactions on the site of this company, which has been using technology for the benefit of its customers since the first day of its establishment.

Lufthansa Cargo Tracking

You can access all updates related to your cargo when you click the Search button by entering your cargo tracking number from the Tracking tab on the homepage of the site. If you are a member of their site, you can easily follow the cargoes defined in your account by clicking the Login button in the upper right corner without entering a tracking number.

Lufthansa Cargo Tracking

Lufthansa AWB Cargo Tracking

Lufthansa AWB Cargo tracking transactions can be performed as easily as any other transactions on the site. For detailed searches, you can have detailed information about your online tracking transactions by clicking the Tracking button on the homepage of their site, then clicking the eTracking button. When the company notificatrion settings are made, you are notified of the updates regarding the status of your cargo.

For Lufthansa AWB Cargo tracking, a 10-digit AWB number is entered by selecting AWB from the MAWB or AWB options under the AWB Search heading. Then click the Seacrh button. It is not possible to track more than one cargo at the same time on the Lufthansa site. You can access the site for all your online transactions.

  • Canada: 1 800 542 2746
  • USA: 1 800 542 2746
  • Germany: 01806 747 100
  • France: +33 (0)810 811 217
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