Jal Cargo Tracking

Jal Cargo has a website where you can follow every step of it by delivering your domestic and international cargo safely. You need to click on the International Cargo tab on the main page of the Jal Cargo website in order to follow all the transactions of your cargo from the moment it is received to the moment it is delivered.

Jal Cargo Tracking

In this tab, you can get information about Jal Cargo’s flight schedule, online booking and similar information, as well as inquire about the status of your cargo with the Air Waybill Number and HOUSE Number from the Track you shipment window at the top of the International Cargo page. You can perform Single Search or Multiple Search. You can track up to 5 cargoes at the same time with your Multiple Search transactions.

Jal Cargo Tracking

Jal Air Cargo Tracking

You can perform your Jal Air Cargo tracking in the same way as your Jal Cargo tracking. Jal Air Cargo and Jal Cargo query sites are the same. If you do not want to constantly enter the site and deal with the Air Waybill Number or HOUSE number, or if you have more than one cargo that you need to track at the same time, Jal Air Cargo offers you the opportunity to receive information by mail so that you can track your cargo more easily.

With a membership you create on Jal Air Cargo’s website, the status of your cargo is sent to you via an e-mail every time it is updated. This feature can be life-saving for those who do not want to make constant inquiries or when there are too many cargoes that need to be followed. All the mentioned transactions can be done on the official site of Jal Cargo and Jal Air Cargo, https://www.jal.co.jp/en/jalcargo/.

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