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Indah Cargo Tracking

Indah Cargo Tracking, promote and develop a cargo cargo service company with reliable, reputable and trusted risk management by people throughout Indonesia, as well as the welfare of the underprivileged and will build cargo support facilities that can be integrated with applications, to make it easier for customers to track goods entrusted to us thereby increasing people’s trust in us.

indah logistik internasional

indah logistik internasional, Providing transportation deposit service products to all corners of the country by prioritizing customer satisfaction.

PT. Indah Cargo tracking Logistik was founded in 2011 under the name PT. Indah Logistik which specializes in shipping goods throughout Indonesia. The founder of PT. Indah Logistik Mr. H. Arisal Aziz, is a big businessman from the city of Pariaman, Lima Koto District, Kampung Dalam, West Sumatra who has been in the travel and freight transportation business since 2000.

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