Freight Shipping Tracking

Freight is the transportation of goods in bulk by road, intermodal transport (rail and road), ship, or air. Freight shipping is an integral part of many ecommerce businesses’ operations, particularly when international shipping is involved.

One of the freight services that gives both the shipper and the carrier trust that the shipment will arrive on time and safely is the ability to monitor shipments along their path. The ability to track a shipment and the accuracy of that tracking has improved as technology has progressed. You can easily monitor a freight shipment these days using only your phone or device. While some shipping companies use different methods, the Bill of Lading or a Progressive number(PRO) are the most common ways to track a shipment.

Freight Tracking UPS

Freight Tracking UPS

Although UPS, which delivers in many different ways to many parts of the world, has a website as, it has a separate website for freight shipping. If a PRO number or a reference number of up to 35 characters is specified when creating the post, it is possible to track the shipment with a reference number via the address

R&R Freight Tracking

All of R&R Freight Services’ equipment is equipped with satellite tracking devices. This method allows for precise placement of your shipments at any given time. Every few hours, the system would send an email to customers and everyone else who wants the details, keeping everyone in the loop. Customers have repeatedly requested the service since the device was installed. The device alleviates the tension and anxiety that comes with not knowing where the truck is and removes the need for phone calls to track down the driver.

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