Citibank Card Cargo Tracking – Where is My Card

We provide detailed information about Citibank card cargo tracking and Citibank courier tracking. Here are the details about Citibank courier service.

Citibank Card Cargo Tracking

Citibank credit and debit card courier services are provided by Blue Dart and DHL companies. If you’re wondering where my Citibank cargo is, we’ll tell you how to find out.

Citibank DHL Cargo Tracking

Citibank DHL Cargo Tracking

Citibank card for courier tracking; You need a Citibank Reference number. You can easily query your cargo with the tracking number notified to you from the bank. You can make this inquiry from any country. Select the Origin Country option in the query.

If you have not received your Credit Card, please contact the Courier Service Provider with their AWB Number. You can open the query screen by clicking the link

Citibank Card AWB Number

Here is how to learn Citibank Card AWB Number. You need an AWB number to track Citibank cargo. You can obtain the Cargo AWB number from your bank branch. “Your card has been given to the courier.” You can find the tracking number in its message. But if you do not receive a credit card tracking number, you can easily obtain it by calling your bank or from the Citibank application.

Citibank Credit Card Pin Forgot

Citibank Credit Card Customer Care

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