Air France KLM Cargo Tracking (KLM Cargo Contact Number)

Air France and KLM are two companies that carry out the cargo transportation business together. Cargo transported by air falls under the service area of ​​Air France KLM Cargo. The company, which does not set a limitation regarding the content of the cargo to be transported by air, offers great convenience to its customers through its website.

Air France KLM Cargo Tracking

Air France KLM Cargo tracking transactions can also be easily performed on the site. You can perform your transactions from the Track and Trace page, which you can access by clicking the Track a shipment button on the homepage of the site. After entering the AWN No you will enter on this page, one per line, you can perform multiple searches by clicking the Track button.

Air France KLM Cargo Tracking via myCargo

Air France KLM Cargo Tracking via myCargo

Wishing to provide all kinds of convenience to its customers, Air France KLM Cargo allows you to perform cargo tracking with myCargo. Air France KLM Cargo Tracking via myCargo is a method that will save you a lot of time. You can track your cargo and have more detailed information about the status of your cargo without the need to enter any AWB number for your cargo tracking operations. You can go to the official site of Air France KLM Cargo, to open a myCargo account and for other transactions.

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